Aquamarine is a beautiful translucent-blue crystal with excellent grounding properties. It has been used as a stone of protection by sailors at sea for centuries. It is the birth stone for March babies.

The Healing Properties of Aquamarine

  • promotes courage
  • reduces anxiety
  • reduces feelings of judgment
  • helps one speak their truth
  • increases vitality
  • supports communication
  • assists with meditation
  • clears throat chakra issues

The stone represents courage and helps to reduce anxiety. Its calming energy brings about lightness and protection; it fights off negativity and darkness.

Aquamarine is great for sensitive people with perceptive abilities. It helps individuals to get unstuck—allowing them to be free of the critical voice, free from self-judgement, and from feelings of being overwhelmed.

Aquamarine offers people vitality and can help them to shift life into a new direction. This stone helps to keep the mind healthy—reducing repetitive thoughts that cloud the brain and create confusion. By using this crystal, you will be able to improve your communication and speak your mind and your truth without fear. This stone banishes all fears.

You can use aquamarine for meditation. It is especially great for the throat chakra. It may be used for abnormalities of the throat (thyroid, vocal issues, sore throats), and can clear the pituitary gland from environmental smog.

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